Lapland UAS opening week 2021

This year the Lapland UAS opening lasts almost a week! Below you can find the schedule for every day and the link to evening events at Discord.

The event in Facebook

The link to the opening video premiering friday 10.9. at 11am. :

Lint to Discord: 

You can find us vith hastag #lapinamkavajaiset

Note! Changes are possible due to corona.

Tuesday 7.9.

10.00-13.00 Student Union and student associations have stands in every campus.

18 (DISCORD and stream in Kansan Pubi) : Student Culture ABC (in finnish only)

19.30 (DISCORD) game night. Organizer: MoTo-project

Wednesday 8.9.

10-13 Student Union, different services and projects have stands in every campus.

Also Cultural Bump in Rovaniemi A-wing.

19 (DISCORD): Pikkulauantai - Jackbox game night. Organizer: MoTo-project

Thursday 9.9.

10-13 Student Union and different wellness organizers have stands in every campus. Note! In Kemi and Rovaniemi The Marthas are giving away tableware for students. Bring your own bag!

18 (DISCORD): COOKING BATTLE - ROTKO Alumnae vs the board (in finnish only)

Friday 10.9.

11.00 Lapland UAS opening video. Note that the video can be fully seen only at this time! The link:

Rovaniemi and Kemi starting at 2pm, Tornio check the time from your tutors


21 (Discord, Half Moon, Corner Inn, Umpitunneli) Announcing the winners

21.30 (DISCORD): The great pub quiz! 100 questions about everything!