This fall time machine has brought students to Kuksajaiset. Have you arrived from the past or returned from the future to participate in our checkpoint race? Come and explore the modern era! Prizes for the best time travelers and best dressed are given in the ultimate Kuksajaiset race!

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KUKSAJAISET came and went like a proper time machine and now it is time to give feedback about the event! Click the link and you will find yourself from the feedback form where you can give your feedback about the event, anonymously of course!

Link to the feedback form:

The feedback is handled by ROTKOs operators and it will be used to improve the event for the upcoming events.

First year students checkpoint race

KUKSAJAISET is a checkpoint race that is held around beautiful Kemijoki at Rovaniemi. First year students from alla fields in Lapland UAS from Kemi, Tornio and Rovaniemi get to compete against other study fields. The checkpoints rates your skills, knowledge, team spirit and indulging in the race. The day race for the first year students is free of charge.

This years theme is "Time machine". The days checkpoint race consists teams from every study field and it is only for the first year students. (Note other students, check from below about the evening race for the continuing students!) The spesofoc info and time table is given to tutors who will info the first year students so you can ask your tutors for example when your team starts etc. The theme is "time machine" so it gives endless possibilities with how your team can dress or what your own teams theme is. So be inventive and creative!

NOTE! Make sure that your study group has informed us about your participation for the day race! This way we can make sure that every field will get their own time slot for the event and we can have tutors for all the groups.
The form can be filled by either a tutor or first year student. Make sure that every group fills the form only ONCE!
The form:

If you are planning on coming to the Kuksajaiset with ROTKOs buses from Kemi or Tornio:

The buses leave back to Kemi and Tornio after the checkpoint race but if you want to stay to the after party, there will also be a bus later at night. You will need to book your place on the buses from!

There are limited amount of seats and they are ment to first year students participating in the Kuksajaiset day race.


Normally the checkpoints tasks are told on the spot on the event day but ROTKO is a bit different and we tell it well beforehand so people have time to get ready for it. The task is to make up a dance for the song ROTKO by Fintelligens. The group can choose to dance for the whole song or just part of it.


Continuing students race AKA evening race

New part for the Kuksajaiset is an evening race meant for continuing students. You can have a 3-6 people group and race in Rovaniemi. The race starts at 6PM and lasts to 9PM. The checkpoints are located in and outside, some of them are in bars. Take your friends with you and race through the time!

The evenings race theme is same as the first year students race TIME MACHINE! Also in this race there will be award for the best dressed participant!


Buy your ticket to the race and tell us your team name. Make sure that all your team members do the same thing.

The tickets come to sale on monday 12.9.2022 at 12PM to ROTKO

The ticket includes the evening race, bracelet for the after party to Half Moon, cloakroom fee and the events awesome overall patch!

The checkpoints

Evenings checkpoint locations are uploaded to this page sooner to the event. NOTE! The team names will be given to the checpoint holders beforehand so all you need to do is tell your teams name on the checkpoint and you are on the race!



And what is a checkpoint race without an after party! Kuksajaiset after party is held in Half Moon Night Club where we will also announce the winners of both races! There will be also music as the stage will be taken control by SPEKTI!

The after party tickets are coming to sale on monday 12.9.2022 at 12PM to ROTKO
(Note, if you have already paid for the evening race, the after party ticket is included in it.)

After Party tickets:
(incl. bracelet for the Half Moon, cloakroom fee and the event overall patch )
ROTKO members: 6€
Others: 12€

NOTE! The ticket must be changed to a bracelet because without it you will not get into the nightclub. The tickets can be changed on ROTKOs checkpoint on the day of the event. We will also be having stands on Jokiväylä campus  between monday 12th and thursday 22.9.


Illan esiintyjänä SPEKTI


The event obeys ROTKOs Code of Conduc ( and there is harassment contact persons available.

Our Harassment Contact People support and give advice to students who have experienced disturbance of any form. Our contacts don't document names and they have full professional confidentiality.

You can also contact our harassment contact persons after the event.

If you feel like you are in need of support, please contact:

Pieta Pyhtinen
040 7022292

Martti Muraja
040 152 0009

Julianna Ahovirta

You can also contact harassment contact persons anonymously via the form below:

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