COVID-19 vaccinations for students without an appointment 9–11 November on campus in Rovaniemi

The City of Rovaniemi offers corona shots for students in the premises of the University of Lapland without an appointment from Tuesday to Thursday 9–11 November. The vaccination station gives first and second shots to all students of the University of Lapland and Lapland UAS regardless of their place of residence. You can get the second shot after at least six weeks have passed from the first one.

Opening hours and vaccination rooms at the university:

Tuesday 9 Nov. 12.00–17.00, LS21

Wednesday 10 Nov. 12.00–17.00, LS20

Thursday 11 Nov. 12.00–17.00, LS20

Other than university and UAS students can get vaccinated at the City Hall by making an appointment. To make an appointment, go to

You can take part in a gift voucher lottery at the university

You may also participate in a gift voucher lottery organised by the City, where two €500 Telia gift vouchers are raffled off. You can use the voucher to buy a phone or some other device at a Telia store. The lottery is open between 9 and 11 November from 12.00 to 17.00 for all those who come to take a corona shot and for those who have already taken a shot elsewhere. The winning tickets are drawn on the week starting 15 November. The winners will be notified in person.

For more information on COVID-19 vaccinations, go to and

Further information

Paula Reponen, administrative senior physician, paula.reponen(at), phone: +358 40 060 7238