Become a tutor

Being a tutor is challenging but very rewarding. It requires teamwork skills, self-direction and time management.  Students of the first or second year can apply for tutor training. Those who want to become a tutor need to pass the tutor training. Only those students who complete the tutor training can operate officially as a tutor. It is possible to apply for tutor training only once a year.

During the year 2022 the tutor training will be part of the EtEne-project. During the upcoming year the tutors will get additional training. More info about these trainings will come later this year.

APPLICATION PERIOD 31.1.-17.2.2022!
Link to the application opens from HERE.


  • Tutors will be selected by ROTKO. The selection will be informed after the application period has ended.
  • Selected applicants get separate invitation to the tutor training by email.



Training is held partly independently in Moodle and partly via online meetings. There will be two online meeting during the first part of the training. Note that it is important to participate in BOTH of the meetings for you to pass the training so write down the following dates and make sure to be there.

Online meetings:

If you are studying a finnish degree:
15.3.2022 between 5pm and 7pm.
29.3.2022 between 5pm and 7pm.

If you are studying an international degree (online meetings are in english):
22.3.2022 between 5pm and 7pm.
5.4.2022 between 5pm and 7pm.

    PART 2, SPECIALIZATION STUDIES (Specialization lessons)

    In the second part of the training the tutor will select at least one of the special tasks by participating the study of that field. The studies will be held in different times so a tutor can get educated and participate in multiple different specialization studies. One study will be about 2 lessons. The invitation to the studies will come from the person coordinating that field.

    Mandatory specialization for everybody:
    Wellness tutoring

    Additional specialization option 1:
    International tutoring / Lapland UAS, international office

    Additional specialization option 2:
    Marketing tutoring/ Lapland UAS marketing office