Student Union membership

Student union members are those who have paid the for the sticker on their student card. New members need to order the student card and also the sticker for it. More info about the card from HERE.

The sticker has to be renewed each semester or year depending for how long time you buy the sticker for. People who already have the student card can just buy a new sticker to make the card valid again.

Why you should be a member?

With student card you'll receive all benefits a student can get including discounts from "VR" train in Finland and "Matkahuolto" bus rides for long distances. Also one of the most important benefits is that you get your student meal discount with this card.

By paying for the student card, you support the student’s rights and benefits since the money goes straight to supporting the student union. The main task of the student union in every University of Applies Sciences is to look out for the student rights and benefits in Finland. If you own a valid student card you have the right to vote for the people that become members of the student union.

Stickers for the student cards can be bought from ROTKO offices in all campuses. If asked, please show your certificate of studies.

If for some reason you come into problems regarding the student card or stickers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at rotko(at)




Full academic year
valid September- next September


One semester
valid September-January

Academic year or semester sticker?

For University students the normal academic year lasts from September to September and therefore our Student Union's membership lasts the same period of time. Academic year sticker justifies the student benefits from September-September on each academic year.

New academic year stickers will go on sale in August. So if you want to have academic year membership best time to order the new student card or renew your membership is between July and early December. That case you will have valid student card between September to September.

One learning period is called semester and it is half of academic year. (autumn / spring) So if you are graduating at December it might be wiser to buy only semester sticker.

NOTE! You should order the semester membership if your studies starts / continues on spring semester and you do not have valid membership.