Student card

Student union members are those who have paid the membership and have either mobile student card or physical student card with a valid sticker.

The membership has to be renewed each semester or year depending for how long you buy the membership for. People who already have the student card or want to use their mobile card can just buy a new sticker/membership from ROTKO office to make the card valid again. With physical student card or with PIVO app you'll receive all benefits including discounts from "VR" trains in Finland and "Matkahuolto" bus rides for long distances. Also one of the most important benefits is that you get your student meal discount with this card.

By paying for the student card, you support the student’s rights and benefits since the money goes straight to supporting the student union. The student unions main task in all university of applies sciences is to keep an eye out for student rights and benefits in Finland. If you own a student card you have the right to vote for the student representatives that are chosen each year from the members of the student union.

Stickers for the student cards can be retrieved from ROTKO offices in all campuses. If asked, please show your certificate of studies.

If for some reason you run into problems regarding the student card or stickers, please don’t hesitate to contact us at rotko(at)

Student benefits

Students get discounts from almost everywhere they go! Whether you are going to a dinner, theatre or having a fun night at the bar, student card is your friend! Your best bet is to ask if a student discount is provided.

If you are degree student and have either a physical card or PIVO app, you can also get discounts from VR (the Finnish railways) and Matkahuolto (long distance bus rides) tickets.

KELA's financial aid in student restaurants

With the physical student card or with PIVO app, you can prove you are eligible for KELA's financial aid in student restaurants in Finland.

ROTKO membership benefits

As a member of ROTKO, you get multiple different kind of benefits. For example, a discount from items sold in the ROTKO-store and you get a nice discount to all the events hosted by ROTKO.

Full academic year membership is valid from September to the end of next September.
One semester membership can be bought any time.
Spring membership is valid from the 1st of January to the end of September. 
Autumn membership is valid from the 1st of September to the end of next January.


Student union membership can be bought either for the full academic year or just for the semester. NOTE! If you don't have a Finnish ID-number or Finnish bank account, you will need to order a physical card! 

Take note that while filling out the student card ordering form, you need to add a passport-like photo of yourself as an attachment.

You can choose witch membership you want to buy during autumn semester.

During spring semester you can only buy a semester membership. Full academic year and semester memberships for the autumn will be available during the end of summer.