Trusteeship work

Student Union exists to oversee students’ rights. Student Union can be contacted if students for example face problems regarding their studies. Voice of one student is not always heard as well as an organization with more than two thousand students and that is why ROTKO is the spokesman for all students.

What is trusteeship work?

trusteeship iceberg

Trusteeship work is more than a protest or having opinions in social media. The Student Union is actively in touch with Lapland UAS’ Administration and discusses with them about what is really going on in our school. ROTKO actively discusses, exchanges opinions and especially listens to students and what they have to say. This way we can make sure students’ voices are being heard.

ROTKO works hard to ensure students’ rights and wellbeing are in order. Most of that work is not directly seen by all students. Therefore trusteeship work is mainly invisible for students as it happens “behind the scenes”. For example effects and changes are executed by teachers with the initiative coming from Student Union ROTKO.

Influencing and trusteeship work is not only related to what happens inside Lapland UAS. We speak out also on national matters that affect the wellbeing of students.

" The student association liaises with and on behalf of its members and promotes their societal, social and intellectual aspirations and those relating to studies and the position of students in society. The student association shall also otherwise contribute to preparing students for an active, cognizant and critical citizenship."

- Universities of Applied Sciences Act Section 41 -

The process of trusteeship work in ROTKO

Trusteeship work is aimed to be executed as systematically as possible. ROTKO has templates for proactive trusteeship and reactive trusteeship work as well as for trusteeship work directly regarding studies.

Proactive trusteeship involves the actions of Lapland UAS, national politics and documents guiding ROTKO’s own actions. The objective is to be aware of the development of society and observe and chart the needs of students. ROTKO takes part in the process of UAS and preparatory work, partakes activity within all Student Unions and participates in student life on everyday level. ROTKO is lobbying its strategy and political guidance to co-operatives, creates needs and new openings as well as encourages students to active citizenship. 


Lapland UAS board
Topi Kalermo

Lapland UAS Board of Examiners
Julia Nikusaari

Operational activity workgroup of Lapland UAS
Elina Holm, as backup Julia Nikusaari

Guidance and wellbeing workgroup of Lapland UAS
Pieta Pyhtinen, as backup Aatu Piipponen

Tuudo workgroup of Lapland UAS
Kaisa Keihäskoski, as backup Sanni Saarela

Facility strategy/Scenario work of Lapland UAS
Elina Holm, as backup Oscar Vehviläinen

Steering group of Strength to graduation from a three-way co-operation model project
Niina Piispanen (member)

Steering group of MoniSoTe project
Oscar Vehviläinen, as backup Julianna Ahovirta

DAS Board
Henri Määttä

Exercise work group
Aatu Piipponen

LUC Development programme: Work group of Language center 
Hanna Hautajärvi, as backup Viivi Väisänen

Additional LUC work group:
Work group of Composition of administration
- Developing infrastructure
Oscar Vehviläinen, as backup George Launoila

Work group of LUC Study+
Elina Holm, as backup Julia Nikusaari

Work group of LUC Work+ 
Kaisa Keihäskoski, as backup Julia Nikusaari

Work group of LUC Global+ 
Tea Määttänen, as backup Hanna Hautajärvi

FSHS Delegation (for two years in 2021-2022)
Milla Pietilä

FSHS Executive committee (Right to speak and attend)
Pieta Pyhtinen

Research of Synchronized distance teaching system
Martti Muraja

LUC Teaching and learning services executive team 
George Launoila

LUC Exercise coordination group 
Aatu Piipponen, as backup Elina Holm

LUC Steering group of ICT Project case 
Elina Holm

Additional LUC work group:
Work group of Composition of administration
- Steering group of Student and study administrative services’ development
Oscar Vehviläinen, as backup Hanna Hautajärvi

Additional LUC work group:
Work group of Composition of administration
 - Society relationships, communication and marketing
Sanni Saarela, as backup Kaisa Keihäskoski