Being a Tutor is rewarding. It requires for you to have skills in teamworking, self-direction and time management. As a Tutor you will find new friends, you’ll network around UAS and University and dive into tutoring community


  • Works as a new students’ guide and support
  • Guides and directs student community on campus and online
  • Organizes activities for students (live and online)
  • Creates feeling of community and positive atmosphere
  • Works in cooperation with Lapland UAS staff and teachers
  • Familiarizes campus town, campus and student culture amongst new students

As a tutor you will be able to take part in multiple different themes in representation, guidance and counseling. Tasks may vary greatly and will require for the person to have different skills. Hence the themes have been divided in four different sections.

  1. Campus Tutoring
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Exchange Tutoring / International Tutoring
  4. Marketing Tutoring (Student emissary)

In this application period you can choose more than just one of the sections, but first it’s important to get to know the descriptions of all the sections you are interested in and think about how much time and energy you will be able to use for tutoring. Each of the tutoring themes will have their own training period. Only those who have successfully completed the course will be able to act as an official tutor of Lapland UAS.

If you study mainly online or are a multiform student, online tutoring can be a good option for you. The tasks of marketing tutoring are also suitable for student's who study online or in multiform studies. If you have the opportunity to visit the campus at least once a week, we recommend that you also consider campus tutoring or international exchange tutoring. All of the above-mentioned four tutor job descriptions are well suited for daytime students who mainly study on campuses.

Common Application period has ended.

NOTE! The application period for international tutoring is open until 28.2.2023! Read more about the international tutoring and apply:

Lapland UAS' internation services will train international/exchange tutors.

Exchange tutor is the first student contact incoming exchange students get and will help the new student with practical cases that helps the person to settle down in a new environment. Tutor knows around the campus and campus town; he knows how to operate around the school's bureaucracy and can direct students to services they require or want. Exchange tutor guides new foreign students deeper into the community of Lapland UAS and communicates and provides information about events, happenings and important stuff to new students.

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International Services of Lapland UAS, Incoming team:

Ms Maria Palokari
[email protected]
Tel. +358(0)44 478 0226
Rovaniemi campus:
Jokiväylä 11, 96300 Rovaniemi

Ms Sanna Moisanen
[email protected]
Tel. +358 (0)40 544 8458
Kemi campus:
Tietokatu 1, 94600 KEMI

Lapland UAS' marketing team will train marketing tutors (aka. student emissaries)

Student emissary knows Lapland UAS' marketing objectives and can represent Lapland UAS in different marketing events and fairs as a student expert.

Goal of education marketing is to increase conspicuousness of Lapland UAS and recruit new students to apply to University of Applied Sciences. Student emissary works locally and/or nationwide according the guidance and directions from Lapland UAS' staff members.

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More info:

Katja Mattila (International marketing)
Planning officer
+358 40 576 1625
[email protected]

Jenna Kiviniemi
Planning Officer
+358 40 503 1769
[email protected]

Päivi Kilpimaa
Planning Officer, Marketing
+358 40 184 2639
[email protected]

Student Union ROTKO and EtEne-project will train new Campus Tutors

Campus tutor works locally on campus as a peer guide who gives information and guidance to new students and organizes different events and communal activities alone or in cooperation with other campus tutors.

Early semester tutors will welcome new students to campus, introduce premises and services and shows around the camppus and campus town. Most of the communal activites are ogranized after school day during the afternoon or evening, but students may wish for activites during days or weekends also.

Campus tutor mostly works with people studing on campus and supports the well-being of students and the campus community. Campus tutors form tutoring team and they work together, in smaller teams or alone according to situation.

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More info:

Niina Piispanen
EtEne -hanke
Project Manager

Martti Muraja
EtEne -hanke
Hanketyöntekijä | Project Coordinator

Student Union ROTKO and EtEne-project will train new Online Tutors

Online Tutor will work as a peer guide to other students studying online. Tutor will share information, tips and guidance about all that is Lapland UAS. Online Tutor will guide new students trough the school services, student culture and other UAS systems. All online.

Online Tutoring is mostly not bound to specific time frame. Tutorin schedule will be adjusted according the possibilities of the tutor and the needs of a new student. In September when new students start their studies Tutors will introduce themselves during orientation week for online groups. Online Tutors can also organize varying activities for online groups. Together all the Online Tutors will form a Online Tutor Team. They can works alone or together according to situation. Tutors' work is supported by Project EtEne -team.

After the training period Online Tutor will know all about Lapland UAS operation and study environments online. They also will have knowledge about different tools and systems to use for grouping activities and guidance. Tutors learn to know different Lapland UAS well-being services and their presence online. They can also be part of developing and offering these services.

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More info:

Niina Piispanen
EtEne -hanke
Project Manager

Martti Muraja
EtEne -hanke
Hanketyöntekijä | Project Coordinator