Campus tutoring

Campus tutoring will improve many skills which are needed later in working life. You will learn to plan, schedule and interact with different people. As a campus tutor you will meet a lot of new people and you’ll get a possibility to network with varying organizations. Campus tutor will be recognized by their orange-red Lapland UAS hoodie and Tutor-card dangling on the neck.

As a Campus Tutor you get to meet new people and relive your freshman year!

Campus tutoring is the most traditional way of tutoring. You can meet them almost daily going on about their things in and on campus. They give you peer guidance and counseling about all things considering school and campus life. They organize small or large events and activities in the campus or in campus town. Tutors also advertise different kinds of events and forward information for all students in Campus. Early in the autumn, campus tutors are welcoming new students to Campus and as experienced students they have all the needed skills to show right places to go and all the services student might need. Additionally, Campus Tutors get to be part of organizing Lapland UAS opening ceremony. And who wouldn’t want to join Kuksajaiset again?

Tutors will form unified tutor team for campus

Head Tutors are trained to help campus tutors. Their responsibility is to guide and advise. They are also the bridge between the Tutors and school staff members. Head tutors also support tutors’ motivation and make sure that tutors won’t get burned out. In fact, there will be activities that maintain work ability organized just for tutors to keep up their motivation and develop their team spirit.


The goals of campus tutoring can be found in the students' needs, everything starts from campus tutoring

Head Tutors, Community Developers of ROTKO and staff of Project EtEne together form “Work group of Tutoring”. The group’s purpose is to follow execution of tutoring and to deal with situations regarding the development of it. Campus Tutors work as a scouts of student community and will forward information, feedback and wishes from students to head tutors or even directly to community developers of ROTKO board.

Who can work as a Campus Tutor?

You can work as a Campus Tutor if you study mostly on campus or if you are online student but you have the possibility to spend time in campus weekly in campus with other students.


Campus Tutor training will be executed remotely. Training starts with informative lecture where you’ll get instructions on how to get through the training. After the first lecture there will be self-study period: short videos on Moodle and tasks where you need to ponder the themes from the videos. Tasks must be done before the first Theme Workshop.  Workshops are remote lessons done via Zoom. During these lessons we will be talking about the themes mentioned in videos, tasks given from Moodle and discuss issues that arise from tasks.

Info about the next application period will be added to ROTKOs webpage.