As a marketing tutor you are an Lapland UAS student ambassador

As a student ambassador, you can represent Lapland UAS at fairs and various events live and remotely, traveling around Finland or safely at your place of study. You get to tell our potential applicants about your own studies and study experiences, as well as about Lapland and Lapland University of Applied Sciences as a place to study. However, you don't have to do this alone, as our other student ambassadors and Lapland UAS' marketing team are with you.

As a student ambassador, you will get real working life experience in marketing, which will be an asset in the future working life. You don't have to be an experienced performer, it's enough that you are happy to tell about your own experiences at Lapland UAS. Presentation skills will accumulate while working! In addition to fairs and events, your duties include content production for UAS' social media channels and writing a student story for Lapland UAS website. As a student ambassador, you play an important role in Lapland UAS' applicant marketing and you get to influence how potential applicants see Lapland UAS.

The training will be organized by Lapland UAS Marketing team. More info about the application period will be added to ROTKOs webpage.

You can get more information from Lapland UAS Marketing team:

We expect you to:

- A positive attitude

- You are reliable and flexible

- You are enthusiastic and you have the courage to be with us on the fairs

- You share your ideas for marketing

- You want to develop the above-mentioned skills

- All Lapland UAS students are welcome!

What do we offer you?

- You get to network and join the top group

- Comprehensive training on student ambassador activities

- Real working life experience in marketing and content production and other useful working life skills

- You get to present Lapland UAS at fairs and other events, live and remotely

- Travel, meal and accommodation expenses are covered on marketing trips

- If you want, you can get a lot of performance experience

- Other student ambassadors and Lapland UAS' marketing team will support you

- Employment Certificate

- Credits

- Lapland UAS’ hoodie and badge

If you need more information, contact Lapland UAS marketing team: