Online tutoring will improve many skills which are needed later in working life. You will learn to plan, schedule, interact with different people and your remote work skills will improve. As an online tutor you will meet new people and you will get an opportunity to widen your connections and digital skills.

As an online tutor you will get to meet new people regardless of their study place!

Online tutoring is a new form of tutoring which is being developed in Student Union ROTKO’s EtEne project. Online tutors can be found time to time from ROTKO’s Discord, Teams of Online tutors or sometimes they visit even in distance learning lessons if needed. They give peer support, guidance and information for all online students. They can organize big or small events and activities online or even as hybrid form in co-operation with campus tutors.

Online tutors advertise student events and share information regarding students in their channels. During autumn, online tutors will welcome new online students to school and as experienced older students they can help new students with Lapland UAS’ systems and guide students to services offered by UAS.

The project coordinator in EtEne -project will help online tutors in their work and give guidance and support in distance tutoring.


Online tutoring is a breath of fresh air

Head tutors, community developers of ROTKO and staff of EtEne project forms “Work group of Tutoring”. The group’s purpose is to follow execution of tutoring and to deal with situations regarding the development of it. Online tutors act as a scout of student online community and forward information, feedback and wishes from online students directly to the project coordinator of EtEne project.

Who can work as an online tutor?

You can work as an online tutor if you are online, multiform or day student.

The next application period and more info will be added to ROTKOs webpage.


Online tutor training will be executed via Moodle and Zoom as a distance training. More spesific programme of the training will be sent to online tutors closer to the training.

Training days:

Mon 17.4.2023 online tutor training 1/3 (zoom) between 17:00 – 19:00
Mon 8.5.2023 online tutor training 2/3 (zoom) between 17:00 – 19:00
Mon 15.5.2023 online tutor training 3/3 (zoom) between 17:00 – 19:00