Feel Better Appro

This year's most feel good event is here!

Feel Better Appro is organized at Jokiväylä campus in Rovaniemi on Friday 29.4.2022.

This event is completely free for all attendees.

Code of Conduct applies to Feel Better Appro ( and harassment contact persons have been designated for the event.

You can contact a harassment contact person if you experience harassment or any other inappropriate behaviour. You can also contact them if you witness harassment and want to discuss the situation. All conversations with harassment contact persons are confidential.

You may contact a harassment contact person even after the event.

Harassment contact persons are:
Martti Muraja
+358 40 152 0009


Pieta Pyhtinen
+358 40 702 2292.

What's an appro?

An appro (short from 'approbatur') is an event consept in which you tour check points alone or together and collect stamps or other kinds of markings for passing into a pass. Most often the check points are different kinds of bars, restaurants, and cafés. At the end of the tour, you'll get an overall patch or other kinds of rewards from successfully passing the tour.

In Feel Better appros case you'll tour around Jokiväylä campus and collect stamps to your appro pass. In order to get the overall patch for the event, you need to collect at least 5 stamps on your appropass. You can get your appropass from the event's stand in front of Borealis hall when you arrive on campus and you'll collect stamps from all the performances, workshops, and exercise hours you participate in.

You can get your overall patch when you show your fulfilled pass to a staff member in Borealis hall from 15.30, in Café Lumen from 17.30, and in Showroom from 22.30. You can also pick up your overall patch from ROTKO's office in Rovaniemi during the next week or from Kemi/Tornio office's by appointment.

Attending the event

You can attend the event online or by coming to Rovaniemi in person.
Are you coming from Kemi or Tornio? We are organizing a free bus transport to Rovaniemi from Kemi and Tornio.

To Rovaniemi
Kemi campus (Tietokatu 1) at 8.00 (am)
Tornio campus (Kauppakatu 58) at 7.45 (am)
Arrival to Rovaniemi at 9.45 (am)

From Rovaniemi
Leaving from Rovaniemi (Jokiväylä 11) at 23.00

Returning bus will drive via Kemi/Tornio campuses.




Workshop schedule

Advance registration for workshops

Workshops and guided exercise hours have limited spots so we will open an advance registration form under this segment. More information and the link for registration is coming soon!


Introduction for exhibitionists


Mikael Rissanen, announcer, mind trainer, social media person miksuris

Hiya Mikael Rissanen here. Many know me from social media under the name miksuris. I'm very energetic and enlightening person. I like being in the spotlight and performing for a bigger crowd. I love when I get to create a relaxed and open environment regarding any situation.

I also love it a lot when I see a human being very excited, happy, and living their life on their own terms. This is the joy and happiness I wake up in people. It's lovely to come share my own energy and light as the host for the event.


Performer for the evening


In 2018 debut single BAE was released by eetu and since then they have excited their listeners on, for example, Ellinoora's prized, double platinum Bäng Bäng typerä sydän -song and their larger than life single ILMAN MITÄÄN FEIKKII.

This artist with many talents produces, writes, and composes their songs themself. eetu's praised and honest debut album that describes, for example, depression honestly was published in November 2019. eetu is currently working on new music to be published in 2022.


Café Lumen

Café Lumen is open from 7.30 to 14.30 normally and from 16 to 22 o' clock with alcohol dispensing rights.


Music workshop

Joté / Joonas Tapio

There will be expression of joy and freedom using movement, body, sound and music! In the workshop/jam I'll be teaching, you'll have a great chance to let go, freestyle, and above all, have fun!


Riitta Rissanen, Lapland University of Applied Sciences rector-CEO

Wellness day's opening speech will be held by Lapland University of Applied Sciences rector Riitta Rissanen.


Building overall wellness in everyday life -lecture

Anne Puro, lecturer, Master of Psychology, work and organizational psychology specialist, Lapland UAS

I work as a lecturer and a specialist in Lapland UAS in different kinds of work, work communities, and working wellness development projects. I'm a psychology major and I have specialised in work and organisational psychology. I'm interested in overall wellness and developing it at work as well as other parts that influence in a human's life at different times.

In my lecture I will talk about overall wellness regarding studying, working, and combining other parts of life together. I will think about what kinds of quality burdens the ever changing world brings us and how to strenghten our resources to advance our overall wellness.


Zumba and mobility

Teacher Tuuli Viri

OSTEOPATHY: I'm Tuuli Viri and I work as an osteopath entrepeneur in Rovaniemi in my company called VIRITTÄMÖ. I'm also a nurse. Osteopathy is a non-medicinal, an effective, and a gentle form of care. An osteopath takes care of customer's support and moving systems (like joints, fasciae, ligaments, and muscles) by hand. With osteopathy you can help in all kinds of stuck and pain in muscles but also releave stress. In osteopathy all customers are taken care of individually from their point-of-view. More information about osteopathic care are on my website:

Welcome to my pop-up exhibition! I will be showing osteopathic care and will be making short sample treatments for free. Come visit and tell me how can I help You.

ZUMBA lesson: Zumba®️ is a fun and sweaty fitness dance lesson. On this lesson you get to party from your heart's content with ever changing music genres and you don't need think about it even a bit. Join the party! Teacher Tuuli from VIRITTÄMÖ (

Movement lesson: Welcome to movement lesson to stretch and relax your body. We will advance in the class by our own pace, by listening to our body and calming down. Equipment needed is warm clothing, no shoes (but woolly sock are good!). Teacher Tuuli from VIRITTÄMÖ (


Street Art Workshop

Elina Holm

Have you always wanted to try messing up walls but never got the chance? Welcome to try arts of the street with a permission! It's not advised to attend with your best outfit as it's likely to get messy. Depending on the weather conditions, in case of rain we will move inside to ROTKO's office to plan and sketch our future art work on paper.


Reggaeton, modern dance, and champagne and movement

Emma Nyyssölä

I'm a 25-year-old dancer and a physical education instructor from Rovaniemi. I have backgroud in dancing from several years in different styles. I graduated as a dance teacher from vocational school Riveria where I specialised in modern dance and performing arts. After this I have gotten into salsa and reggaeton especially.

Modern dance: Modern dance is a diverse style which includes many other orientations. On the modern dance lesson, you will develop your ability to control your body as well as your dance performing and technique. The lesson will emphasize in using gravity in movement. Come bravely join us, this lesson doesn't need any knowledge of dancing before hand!

Reggaeton: Come to swivel your chest and hips on Reggaeton lesson! Reggaeton comes from Latin America. Reggaeton has taken influence from dancehall, afro, and hiphop. On this lesson, you get to practise all kinds of isolations of your middle body which makes your chest and hips move. The most important part is to enjoy dancing and the music, so forget anything else!

Champagne & movement: On this lesson, we will combine movement and bubbly! Take a little spark into corner of your eye when we combine two wonderful things: movement inspired by yoga and enjoying a bubbly drink. ROTKO provides the drinks for this lesson (alcoholic and non-alcoholic options available).


Fitness lesson and nutrition workshop

Teacher Anniina Perälä

Fitness: I'm Anniina Perälä, I will graduate this spring as a physical education instructor and I love moving together and spreading the joy of movement around me. I have instructed group exercises for all levels for 8 years already and there's no end in sight! Come to train with me and good music, our goal is to get sweaty and into a happy mood! 🙂

Nutrition workshop: In my opinion, healthy food doesn't need to be boring and tasteless, and making it doesn't need to turn into rocket science. Come learn how to compile a diverse, healthy, and above all, tasty meal! Let's make a fast and delicious snack together which we will enjoy at the end of the lesson and you'll get to keep the recipe.


Poi workshop

Rasmus Rajamäki

Welcome to try out manipulating equipment techniques in an energising, relaxing and free atmosphere! Come to search your own flow, to research your body's trajectories and workflow at the poi workshop. We'll roll and swivel into the music, and what's most important, have fun together!

Poi is originally from New Zealand's maori's ritual dance equipment. These days poi is a popular flow art, light and fire dance, and juggling equipment. Poi is one great equipment among others for researching, developing, balancing, and strenghtening your body image, activity, and learning process. Improving your coordination skills, durability, flexibility and bendiness, fitness, and perception of your space-time skill are just a fraction of the potential benefit of the practise. Low threshold, in your own flow and pace, without any competition against anybody. Enjoy the process, learning new skills, and have fun!

Rasmus Rajamäki is a flow artist, originally inspired in New Zealand, and has been a passionate practitioner and performer from the year 2018. They are currently part of Rovaniemi's Kuuranvalkeat association's fire collective and group's activities.



Tessa Salmela, Jenna Alatalo, and Nelma Nieminen

Welcome to try out Strongman sports by Nordic Rawpower society. You'll get to try out log, lifting a rock, and farm walk!



Joni Määttä

I'm a coach at CrossFit Rovaniemi and I also compete in CrossFit. I will be leading a short and intensive set which lets you taste side of our diverse sport.



Sirkus Taika-Aika

Sirkus Taika-Aika organizes a parkour workshop. We will try different parkour tricks in a safe environment. We will use an acrobat mat as a base. We will also bring mattresses for tools to practise different tricks.


MoTo project's end seminar

Tea Määttänen

Hi! I'm ROTKO's MoTo project's project manager and I warmly welcome you to participate in our end seminar in the Borealis hall at 16.00! We will have fresh coffee and overall patches available for the quickest.


Rovaniemen Neuvokas

Eväitä reppuun - osallisuutta ja osaamista järjestöistä project, Rovaniemen Neuvokas

Come do good - build Sylva association's Fuck cancer bracelet.


Finnish Red Cross

Red Cross is an international movement and a nationwide organization which encourages people to take care of their health and of each other.

In this event you get information about the Red Cross friend activities and volunteer support for young people becoming independent. We also provide information about sexual health in a joint workshop with the FSHS.


Lapland's mental health relatives

FinFami association

"Don't forget yourself."


Lapland's communal art association


Lapland's communal art association Lysti ry is joining the wellness day by bringing art and culture wellness themes on the set. You'll get to participate in making of a communal art piece on our exhibition table!

Learn more about LYSTI here:


Wellness pass

Saana Törmänen, wellness specialist, LYY

Exhibition table for wellness pass where you can give feedback or development suggestions for the pass.


Wake up your inner strenght

Jonna Löf, open UAS' education specialist, and study advisors from different degrees

Come find your own strenghts and to grow Lapland UAS' study and working community's strenght tree together with us.