Participative budgeting experiment


Is one of your favorite board games or, say, a rice cooker, missing from the Student's living room on your campus? Should the student union have frisbee golf discs to borrow? Or would a specific event best increase your well-being?

Antti Syväjärvi, chairman of the board of Lapland UAS, has decided to donate his 2022 allowance to support student well-being at Lapland UAS. Many thanks to Antti for the donation!

ROTKO has decided to carry out a participative budgeting experiment thanks to the donation. A total of €1,000 will be set aside for that.

The experiment proceeds as follows: All Lapland UAS students can submit ideas that they would like the student union to carry out. The board of the student union selects feasible ideas and a vote will be held between these ideas in January 2023. The ideas with the most votes will be carried out until the overall budget is used. We aim to carry out the ideas as soon as possible after the voting is completed.

So please leave your own idea by 16th of December 2022. The idea can be however big or small, as long as its cost estimate does not exceed the €1,000 limit.

Suggest your idea here!